Conditions for Refund

Poseidon will provide refunds within 7 days of purchase, or 7 days after the product launch date for pre-order products, and no refunds will be accepted after 7 days.

Refund conditions are as follows

  1. The computer does not meet the hardware requirements.
  2. The product does not meet the expected expectations.
  3. The software has problems that prevent normal operation.

Refund process

In the event of the above situation, click “Contact Us” at the bottom of the home page and select “Refund Question” and fill out the information to apply for a refund, we will review and reply to your designated bank account for refund within three days.

Refund Notice

Refunds will be made for products purchased at the current purchase price, for example, products purchased at the pre-order price will be refunded the same amount as the pre-order price.

Product Subscriptions (Re-added)

Refunds will be made to the buyer’s designated bank account within 7 working days of receipt of the returned product.

Other Notes

Refund service is for the purpose of providing customers with a better product experience and is not a conduit for customers to use the product for free. If you abuse the refund service, Poseidon reserves the right to reject your refund request and cancel your refund eligibility.